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Jerry D. Palmer, Owner

Sound System Specs


House Sound System       

bulletConsole & EQ
bulletMackie SR 56-8 Mixing Console, 56x8x2x1 + 4 Full Stereo Returns (New July 1998)
bulletMackie SR 56-8 Power Supplies
bulletKlark-Teknik Graphic Equalizer, Dual 1/3 octave DN 30/30
bulletDBX DriveRack 480 (New August 2000)
bullet3 DBX 1066 Dual Compressor Limiter Gates (New 1998, 1999)
bullet1 DBX 1074 Quad Gate (New 2005)
bullet1 Drawmer MX40 Quad Punch Gate (New July 1998)
bullet1 Yamaha SPX 990 Digital Multi-Effect Processor (New July 1999)
bullet1 Yamaha SPX 90 Digital Multi-Effect Processor (original)
bullet2 Yamaha D1500 Digital Delays
bulletSpeakers & Crossovers
bullet8 Peavey HDH-4 Mid-Bass/Quad Driven Horn Speaker Cabinets
bullet8 Peavey HDH-3 Dual 18 Bass Speaker Cabinets
bullet6 Cervin Vega "Earthquake" Subs with 1 each 18" JBL Speaker
bulletMains High and Mid powered by 4 Carver PM-1.5 and 1200 Amplifiers
bulletMains Low powered by 2 Crown Macro-Tech 5000VZ Amplifiers
bulletSubs powered by Crown Macro-Tech 3600VZ Amplifier
bulletMicrophones & DI's
bullet 6 Shure SM-57
bullet 5  Shure Beta SM-58
bullet 1  AKG D112
bullet 5  Shure SM-81
bullet 1  Shure Wireless with Beta SM-58 Head
bullet 6  Countrymen

Stage Monitor System       

bulletConsole, EQ, & Crossovers
bullet1  Yamaha MC 3210 Monitor Mixing console - 32x10
bullet4  Yamaha Q-2031 Dual Channel 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalizers
bullet1  Brooke Siren FDS 320 Stereo 2-way Crossover
bullet1  Ashly SC-22 Stereo 2-way crossover
bullet1  Peavey HDH 3-way Crossover/Processor
bullet6 Peavey HDH-M bi-amp Stage Monitors (15" Woofer/Quad Driven Horn)
bullet4 EAW SM-202 Stage Monitors (2-10" and Horn with Passive Crossover)
bulletSide Fills & Drum Monitors
bullet2  EAW FR 253 Speakers (2-15", 2-170mm, & 1 Horn with Passive Crossover)
bullet2  JBL 4691B Speakers (1-15" & Horn with Passive or Active Crossover) (1currently available)
bulletMonitor Speakers Powered by 8 Carver PM-1.5 Amplifiers.

Other Equipment       

bulletWhirlwind 56 channel splitter snake with isolation (new January 2002)
bullet1  Canare 16 channel snake (Drive snake)
bulletVarious sub snakes
bulletRecording Equipment
bullet1  Sony Compact Disk Recorder - CDR-W33 (new July 2001)
bullet1  Tascam DA-45HR 24-Bit High Resolution DAT (new December 2001)
bullet1  Denon CD/Cassette Combo Deck - DN-T620 (new December 2001)
bulletPlayback Equipment
bullet1  Denon CD/Cassette Combo Deck - DN-T620 (new December 2001)


Home Contact Setups Sound Lighting Concerts

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